Saturday, August 14, 2010

suggested topic: my view on homosexual /christian debates

When the news comes on and they talk about gay marrage or any homsexual related thing you always see these GOD Hates FAGs people there, and they do nothing but give a bad image of what a christian is all about. I am a christian and if you havent noticed i have issues. No one is perfect in this world everyone sins in some way or another. This being said homosexuality is a sin, but so is cussing, stealing, adultry, and a bunch of other stuff..sin is sin in gods eyes and there is no jepordy board of 2000$ sin and 10$ sin..its all equal. I cant stand when some people that call themselves Christians say god hates fags and all this stuff because god is love..and although he wouldnt agree with what they do he has nothing but love for them, and some christians forget the love part and go right into the "oh your going to hell" part. The bible says speak the truth in love. The only difference between you and them is one simple choice. Also I find it hypocritical how some people who are vocal against gay marrage say "oh it vioates the sanitty of marrage(or something like that) when they themselves cheat on their significant other and dont even take their marrage seriously..i guess the point im trying to say is love your neighbor as much as you love yourslf, god hates sin and doesnt classify them differently its all the same to him, if your gonna speak out against something make sure your house is in order first and speak the truth in love

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