Saturday, August 14, 2010

some sterotypes to be proud of lol

some sterotypes are completely retarded like the black people and chicken and watermelon..NEWSFLASH EVERYONE LOVES CHICKEN AND WATERMELON (unless there a vegiatrian than THEY JUST LOVE WATERMELON) but there are some that arent bad like...

asians are good at math: math is hard and if your good at it more power to you..i actually thought this was true because ost of the asians i know are always in the advanced math classes, untill i met an asian who absolutley hated math lol who woulda thunk that was possible? if your an asian who loves math more power too you, just tell me where you are so i can get some help when i need it lol

Black men have big dicks: i only know about mine so i cant say anything about anyone else, but that sterotype isnt an insult, its kinda a compliment in a way, it means that you kinda have a pretty good repuation for getting business taken care of (if you know what i mean)

Jews control the world(money, hollywood, everything): i dont see anything offensive about this sterotype, jews control the world( i guess they finally did something that most supervillians fail at) We all know this isnt true but still people are giving jews crap for running something.some jews are actually offended at this sterotype..whats so bad about people thinking your in charge? I dont see a problem..i mean we can all agree that if we had larry david as president the world would be a funnier place

That being said sterotypes are stupid and in order to understand someone dont go by sterotypes ,but actually approach the person, have a converation with them..everyone is different

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