Thursday, August 5, 2010

the pussyfication of the american male and other ramblings

I was listening to George Carlin stand up the other day and he did a bit on how the younger generation is growing up to be a bunch of pussies. He also mentioned a phrase that stuck with me and that is "the pussyfication of the American male". As a young man it is embarrassing to say that Carlin is right. The American male is slowly become pussified. You can blame the cause on a variety of things like, the lack of good fathers in the household, the lack of loving loyal and real mentors, and how society just really doesn't seem to give a shit about them and treat them as another statistic. Those things previously named can only be changed if young men (who are the future) change it.
When you see old school examples of males you see a warrior, someone who would do everything in his power to protect what's his. You also see a leader, someone who isn't afraid to step out and make changes. Currently we have warriors but they fight and die over the dumbest stuff. Instead of fighting to keep their family in order they fight to defend a block that isn't even theres to begin with. Instead of leaders we have a bunch of followers who try and emulate what they see on tv instead of doing something new. That being said I know we have a lot of great warriors and leaders, but the image that is usually put out says otherwise.I mean how much of a pussy do you have to be to hit a female? comeon man
The sad thing especially in the hood is how some ppl think carrying a gun makes you hard. I remember when we were little how if we had serious beef with someone we had a fight and when the fight ended so did the argument. Now some of these dudes are scared of a little asswhopping so instead of just taking it and moving on they have to pull out a gun and take someone elses life. There are so many more examples but I don't wanna be writing this all day. If your a man, be a man. The change starts with you. btw if your jeans are tighter than your girls than you really need to evaluate you life.

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