Saturday, August 14, 2010

no special treatment for clebs in jail

i dont understand why celebrities constantly get breaks on their jail tme. They broke the law and they should face the consequences. For example Lindsey Lohan got in trouble and was sentenced to 90 days (which compared to most in the prison that isnt even a long stay) then the pussy sherrif reduced it to 17 days and through these 17 days she got nothing but special treatment. And the thing is she isnt even that famous, most of her movies suck. Meanwhile get gets to walk through prison like its nothing..I realy wished those lesbian gangs that wanted to rape her in the news got their wish..A little girl in TX got 10 years in prison for pushing her teacher and a football player like donte stallworth got off easy for killing a person drunk driving..Just because someones famous that doent mean they can get off easy....and i forgot lil wayne(hes doing his time, but what got him in there the first place is stupid) he got in trouble for a gun in NYC which has a 3year mandatory sentence for unlicened guns..Newsflash wayne YOUR RICH you dont need a gun..hire security..and not to mention he horiible when it comes to guns because he shot himself once, so if he shot himself what makes you think he can manage a gun of his the moral of this rant is, equal time for all and dont go through nyc with an unlicenced gun or else you might risk the possiblllity of prison rape

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