Sunday, August 29, 2010

My opinion on the proposed ground zero mosque

This issue is a pretty sensitive issue. One side views the mosque as extremely insensitive, because its being built relatively close to ground zero. The other side sees the mosque as some sort of reconciliation between muslims and those against them.
My opinion on the matter is this:
There is alot of anti muslim tension in this country particularly after the 9/11 attacks, A few days ago a black carpenter was chased around by an angry crowd who accused him of being a muslim(although he was a christian)

There is alot of generalization about Muslims that would only be diminished through education and personal experience. If you think about it Muslims are the recent "stereotype of a terrorist" before you have examples such as the oklahoma city bombing, the abortion clinic bombings and a few others that were nothing but white males. but i digress. Another interesting part of the debate is that the biggest donator to the mosque is none other than the co-owner of fox news.
isnt that ironic. Lastly there are already a few mosques in the area. But they cant even afford it so this proposed mosque is mostly likely NEVER gonna happen, it just looks like its another way to further divide the american people and keep us arguing with each other over mindless stuff instead of focusing on how bad our country is doing

UPDATE: its actually not a mosque but a muslim community unless al quieda is gonna use a pool table on us i dont think we have much to worry about

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