Wednesday, August 18, 2010

is it really THAT serious?

I was watching some video today on youtube about uspa vs polo shirts...i honestly could careless about the whole debate,but while watching it i had a few thoughts
1.why are ppl taking it so seriously? there both polo shirts, there both most likley made in some poor country by some kid making 2 cents an hour, they both have some person on a horse...who cares

2. its just clothes people...I dont even care what type of polo i have on, i could get it from walmart,old navy, aj wright, ect it doesnt matter to me.As long as it looks good and matches my stuff i could careless

3. do you think ralph lauren himself is walking around like "f*ck uspa"..nope because it doesnt matter to him, hes making money while other people are debating which shirt is better...

heres the video

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