Monday, August 30, 2010

I was a victim of sexism

well i was at the TD Garden a few days ago for UFC118 and i was getting ready to go in and this annoying security gaurd lady told me no bags..In my bag I only had my hoodie and my digital camera. I told her that she could check it but she kept telling me in a "passive i hate my job but its the only one i have" tone that no bags allowed. Meanwhile a bunch of females are going in with their purses. So I asked why are purses allowed but backpacks arent? She told me "i dont know sir, becuase there purses" I wanted to yell at her and say" A terrorist could put a bomb in a purse" I felt discriminated against because Im a male. So long story short I got my bag held at a 7/11 and had a blast at the fights but I will never forget the day that I was discriminated because im a man

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  1. I think its because your black and you haven't shaved.