Tuesday, August 31, 2010

random thought: Santa in the hood

How come every Santa looking guy in the hood( a big white guy with a big white beard) always smells like weed? I guess he needs to keep that belly up for christmas and weed and munchies helps with that goal

Zombie movies and exercise

I was watching a zombie movie( i forgot which one) it might of been the dawn of the dead remake, or 28 days later or one of those movies with the insanely fast zombies. I couldnt help but feel kinda self conscious...Why because I am a wee bit chubby( im not megafat or precious fat but i could make a few changes) anyway I felt kinda bad because I was thinking "if a zombie infection happened today am i in good shape enough to getaway?" I quickly thought "Nope" and got up lickity split and got my chubby ass on the eliptago...Its crazy how a "zombie invasion" drives me to work out more lol

White Hoodrats Do Exist!!!

I never thought it was possible till I saw it first hand!!! and on top of that I found a place that oozes with white hoodrats, that place is none other than....(drumroll please).....Family Dollar!!

A time I got sexually harassed lol

WEll you wanna hear a story about a time I got sexually harrassed? well hop on my lap and i would tell you the story...It was a long time ago back in my glory days i was at some dance or whatever. I was "getting it in" as these young ppl nowadays say then I felt some unpleasent feeling. Someone grabbed my ass..or buttocks(for you cleanly minded folks) and it felt weird. They pretty much grabbed my left cheek all in one go. I turned around lickity split to see who was the cause behind this tomfoolerous behavior and it was some fat chick, and she had some "slutty dr evil look". I just felt so dirty. I had to go home and take a cold shower while I cried myself to sleep. (lol jk) but it was weird...The End

Monday, August 30, 2010

I was a victim of sexism

well i was at the TD Garden a few days ago for UFC118 and i was getting ready to go in and this annoying security gaurd lady told me no bags..In my bag I only had my hoodie and my digital camera. I told her that she could check it but she kept telling me in a "passive i hate my job but its the only one i have" tone that no bags allowed. Meanwhile a bunch of females are going in with their purses. So I asked why are purses allowed but backpacks arent? She told me "i dont know sir, becuase there purses" I wanted to yell at her and say" A terrorist could put a bomb in a purse" I felt discriminated against because Im a male. So long story short I got my bag held at a 7/11 and had a blast at the fights but I will never forget the day that I was discriminated because im a man

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My opinion on the proposed ground zero mosque

This issue is a pretty sensitive issue. One side views the mosque as extremely insensitive, because its being built relatively close to ground zero. The other side sees the mosque as some sort of reconciliation between muslims and those against them.
My opinion on the matter is this:
There is alot of anti muslim tension in this country particularly after the 9/11 attacks, A few days ago a black carpenter was chased around by an angry crowd who accused him of being a muslim(although he was a christian)

There is alot of generalization about Muslims that would only be diminished through education and personal experience. If you think about it Muslims are the recent "stereotype of a terrorist" before you have examples such as the oklahoma city bombing, the abortion clinic bombings and a few others that were nothing but white males. but i digress. Another interesting part of the debate is that the biggest donator to the mosque is none other than the co-owner of fox news.
isnt that ironic. Lastly there are already a few mosques in the area. But they cant even afford it so this proposed mosque is mostly likely NEVER gonna happen, it just looks like its another way to further divide the american people and keep us arguing with each other over mindless stuff instead of focusing on how bad our country is doing

UPDATE: its actually not a mosque but a muslim community center..so unless al quieda is gonna use a pool table on us i dont think we have much to worry about

A dumb thing some females say

I was walking somewhere, doing something and i overheard some females talking about how men are dogs...Logically that is more insulting to them than it is to males...If you are saying men are dogs then with going with that example females are (excuse my language) bitches...Why because bitches are female dogs..So by calling a man a dog a female is indirectly insulting herself

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I saw this story how Michael Jordans 2 sons spent over 50k in 2 clubs...not on anything useful but in TWO CLUBS!..Not ON two clubs, they didnt buy the club they just bought a lot of drinks and stuff....Also I saw lottery ticket and there was a part in the movie where a gangster named sweet tea(doesnt that sound like a pedophile) loans the main character 100,000$ and instead of saving some he and his "friends" spends it carelessly...It sucks how black people feed into that image of being careless with money...People want to Blow Money Fast, but what they dont realize is if you B.M.F. (blow money fast )your gonna be a B.M.F.( Broke MuthaF**Ker)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thats not fair, they have a bad girls club, but not a bad boys club?!?

oh nevermind..i forgot its called lockdown lol

is it really THAT serious?

I was watching some video today on youtube about uspa vs polo shirts...i honestly could careless about the whole debate,but while watching it i had a few thoughts
1.why are ppl taking it so seriously? there both polo shirts, there both most likley made in some poor country by some kid making 2 cents an hour, they both have some person on a horse...who cares

2. its just clothes people...I dont even care what type of polo i have on, i could get it from walmart,old navy, aj wright, ect it doesnt matter to me.As long as it looks good and matches my stuff i could careless

3. do you think ralph lauren himself is walking around like "f*ck uspa"..nope because it doesnt matter to him, hes making money while other people are debating which shirt is better...

heres the video

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

whats with all the recording of conversations?

First Mel Gibson girl recorded his conversation and now former wrestler billy gunn aka Mr Ass's jumpoff recorded his angry outburst, this got me all paranoid...From now on when I get in a heated argument with a girl ill make sure its strickly face to face that way they cant prove nothing lol....

random thought about realness

i dont believe that there is someone who is 100% real..i think the closest someone can get is maybe a 98% lol, because weather we like to admit it we all do some fake and grimey stuff once and a while

Sunday, August 15, 2010

quick shout out

Quick shoutout to this artist Ghost and his manager, for those who dont know ghost is an up and coming rapper from boston and hes pretty good...his mixtape can be found right here

Why I cant kill myself

I was reading about young people committing suicide and it got me thinking...I just cant do it. I love my life way to much even through the ups and downs. Also I just cant do it
-I cant shoot myself cuz i would be too much of a pussy to pull the trigger
- I cant stab myself because Im not trying to go through all that pain of bleeding out
-cant hang myself because I cant tie that noose thing, all i can do is tie my shoes and tie a tie
- I cant jump off anything because I hate falling from heights
-I cant take too many pills because I might end up throwing them up
-I cant jump in the middle of the street or off a subway platform because, what if i fail then im crippled for life
-I cant do one of those death by cops because if i fail then im going to jail and jail=buttrape

so as you can see suicide is no option for Kevin Lilly, First and foremost because i love life, Second I dont know how to quit, and Third I just cant do it even if i tried lol

Dr Lilly's vs depression

Depression sucks. Most of us weather we like to admit it or not have been depressed before. The feeling of being heavily burdened, alone and isolated absolutley stinks. Its bad enough for some people to the point where they need pills to make it through...well if you are going through this i have some ways to help. From personal experience I found the best way to make it through depression is god and comedy. God would walk you through the depression and comedy would help you forget all the depressing stuff around you. Also encourage yourself because if you cant encourage yourself what makes you think someone else can.

-If you have any other health type topics or just want judgemental-free advice feel free to ask..Dr Lilly is here to help you

Saturday, August 14, 2010

suggested topic: my view on homosexual /christian debates

When the news comes on and they talk about gay marrage or any homsexual related thing you always see these GOD Hates FAGs people there, and they do nothing but give a bad image of what a christian is all about. I am a christian and if you havent noticed i have issues. No one is perfect in this world everyone sins in some way or another. This being said homosexuality is a sin, but so is cussing, stealing, adultry, and a bunch of other stuff..sin is sin in gods eyes and there is no jepordy board of 2000$ sin and 10$ sin..its all equal. I cant stand when some people that call themselves Christians say god hates fags and all this stuff because god is love..and although he wouldnt agree with what they do he has nothing but love for them, and some christians forget the love part and go right into the "oh your going to hell" part. The bible says speak the truth in love. The only difference between you and them is one simple choice. Also I find it hypocritical how some people who are vocal against gay marrage say "oh it vioates the sanitty of marrage(or something like that) when they themselves cheat on their significant other and dont even take their marrage seriously..i guess the point im trying to say is love your neighbor as much as you love yourslf, god hates sin and doesnt classify them differently its all the same to him, if your gonna speak out against something make sure your house is in order first and speak the truth in love

some sterotypes to be proud of lol

some sterotypes are completely retarded like the black people and chicken and watermelon..NEWSFLASH EVERYONE LOVES CHICKEN AND WATERMELON (unless there a vegiatrian than THEY JUST LOVE WATERMELON) but there are some that arent bad like...

asians are good at math: math is hard and if your good at it more power to you..i actually thought this was true because ost of the asians i know are always in the advanced math classes, untill i met an asian who absolutley hated math lol who woulda thunk that was possible? if your an asian who loves math more power too you, just tell me where you are so i can get some help when i need it lol

Black men have big dicks: i only know about mine so i cant say anything about anyone else, but that sterotype isnt an insult, its kinda a compliment in a way, it means that you kinda have a pretty good repuation for getting business taken care of (if you know what i mean)

Jews control the world(money, hollywood, everything): i dont see anything offensive about this sterotype, jews control the world( i guess they finally did something that most supervillians fail at) We all know this isnt true but still people are giving jews crap for running something.some jews are actually offended at this sterotype..whats so bad about people thinking your in charge? I dont see a problem..i mean we can all agree that if we had larry david as president the world would be a funnier place

That being said sterotypes are stupid and in order to understand someone dont go by sterotypes ,but actually approach the person, have a converation with them..everyone is different

no special treatment for clebs in jail

i dont understand why celebrities constantly get breaks on their jail tme. They broke the law and they should face the consequences. For example Lindsey Lohan got in trouble and was sentenced to 90 days (which compared to most in the prison that isnt even a long stay) then the pussy sherrif reduced it to 17 days and through these 17 days she got nothing but special treatment. And the thing is she isnt even that famous, most of her movies suck. Meanwhile get gets to walk through prison like its nothing..I realy wished those lesbian gangs that wanted to rape her in the news got their wish..A little girl in TX got 10 years in prison for pushing her teacher and a football player like donte stallworth got off easy for killing a person drunk driving..Just because someones famous that doent mean they can get off easy....and i forgot lil wayne(hes doing his time, but what got him in there the first place is stupid) he got in trouble for a gun in NYC which has a 3year mandatory sentence for unlicened guns..Newsflash wayne YOUR RICH you dont need a gun..hire security..and not to mention he horiible when it comes to guns because he shot himself once, so if he shot himself what makes you think he can manage a gun of his own....so the moral of this rant is, equal time for all and dont go through nyc with an unlicenced gun or else you might risk the possiblllity of prison rape

suggested topic of the day: lady gaga

Someone wanted me to share my opinon of lady gaga....well here goes. To be honest im not much of a fan of her music, i might sound like an old guy when i say "its not my cup of tea" (ugh i sound old) I think she is really really weird and unique. Thats why I think shes been getting this much attention. It seems like now people are sick of the norm and gravitate to whatever is new and different, and she is very different( actualty different is a bit of an understatement)..I think akon made a brilliant move signing here because he is making so much money right now...Lastly I think shes mad ugly. Thats why she has to wear all those flashy costumes so that people pay more atention to that than her fugly face.

my opinions are simply my opinions and not the views of anyone else but kevin lilly

Friday, August 13, 2010

random thought

random though: would a gangster be a hypocrite if he says kill all rats and takes his kids to chuck e cheese? i mean by doing that hes kinda supporting a rat?

the word gay

i was listening to joe rogan podcast(funny as hell) and he was talking about the word gay, and how thats a word he was never gonna give up. To most of us we use the word gay to mean oh that sucks or thats wack, but it gets misconstrude to be homophobic...before the word gay used to mean happy, then homosexuals used it to mean homosexual, since that word is being passed around faster than a blunt in a frat party is it ok if we as regular guys take that word to mean corny and wack?

Suggestions and opinions

how are you ppl liking the blog so far? is there anything you would like to see? any topics you wanna hear my take on? if so dont hesitate to speak up

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the pussyfication of the american male and other ramblings

I was listening to George Carlin stand up the other day and he did a bit on how the younger generation is growing up to be a bunch of pussies. He also mentioned a phrase that stuck with me and that is "the pussyfication of the American male". As a young man it is embarrassing to say that Carlin is right. The American male is slowly become pussified. You can blame the cause on a variety of things like, the lack of good fathers in the household, the lack of loving loyal and real mentors, and how society just really doesn't seem to give a shit about them and treat them as another statistic. Those things previously named can only be changed if young men (who are the future) change it.
When you see old school examples of males you see a warrior, someone who would do everything in his power to protect what's his. You also see a leader, someone who isn't afraid to step out and make changes. Currently we have warriors but they fight and die over the dumbest stuff. Instead of fighting to keep their family in order they fight to defend a block that isn't even theres to begin with. Instead of leaders we have a bunch of followers who try and emulate what they see on tv instead of doing something new. That being said I know we have a lot of great warriors and leaders, but the image that is usually put out says otherwise.I mean how much of a pussy do you have to be to hit a female? comeon man
The sad thing especially in the hood is how some ppl think carrying a gun makes you hard. I remember when we were little how if we had serious beef with someone we had a fight and when the fight ended so did the argument. Now some of these dudes are scared of a little asswhopping so instead of just taking it and moving on they have to pull out a gun and take someone elses life. There are so many more examples but I don't wanna be writing this all day. If your a man, be a man. The change starts with you. btw if your jeans are tighter than your girls than you really need to evaluate you life.

if poor Caillou took steriods ,he would look like this

Monday, August 2, 2010

If the home alone movies actually took place in the real world

If you abandon your child twice, put him in danger twice, have the same duo of robbers try to kill him twice you really are an unfit parent. I was watching home alone 2 the other day and i was thinking:
if that happened in the real world either one of two things would happen
1. the robbers wouldnt be that dumb and little kevin would be dead by the end of the first one
2. dss would take away kevin and all his siblings because clearly his parents are unfit parents,i mean after forgetting your son once wont you try and make sure that it doesnt happen again?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

random but.........

doesnt he kinda remind you of

randomm thoughts i got out of watching this movie trailer

Whe n i saw this trailer it got me thinking:
1. the guys name is cotton something, and the movie looks kinda bloody...is that supposed to be an inside period joke? i mean theres not many things that come to mind when you think of cotton and blood


you kno how in exersism movies the person possessed gets snapped crackled and popped into crazy positions? Well what's the point of all that...the only benefit for that might be the devil gets handicap parking but that's pretty retarded...

What every father would hate to hear

Poor Laurence Fishburne...His daughter is gonna star in a porn. For those who dont dont know, his 19 year old daughter is about to star in her first porn...(isnt that a way to make her daddy proud) and the name she chose is chicky d.. What type of name is chicky d?!? that sounds like a saturday morning cartoon lol (can you imagine being small watching the adventures of chicky d? it really does sound like a cartoon)...It must suck for poor laurence, I mean hes rich, his daughter can go wherever she wants and pretty do whatever she wants, and out of all the possible options she decides," hey instead of doing something productive imma just take a dick in my cooley hole" who knows, she might of wanted to be an actor like her dad and sucked at acting and this is the only way she could get on camera lol

Why I cant stand Obama

Back when President Obama was running for office I was a huge fan. He was a black man who was running for the highest office in this country who had a solid background and was an excellent speaker. After 8 years of Bush, I like so many others wanted a change. I could honestly say that If I could of voted back then I would obviously vote for him
After he got into office I started looking into his policies and stuff that he was doing and hes the same as Bush. Its politics. The new boss is the same as the old boss(execpt hes darker and can actually speak articulate...unlike bush) So far...
1. He extended the Patriot act. In the patriot act the govt can spyt on your conversations, preform secret arrest and violate your rights as americans under the guise of "keeping us safe rom the terrorist" and to make it worst the govt can torture your child in front of you for "the saftey of others".To make it worst he wants to make more additions to this horrible bill...I bet you guys dont believe me

2. He is horrible when it comes to the economy. Right now the United States is in a huge debt to china, we are still paying for two terrible wars, 46 states are close to being bankrupt, the federal reserve "misplaced" 20 trillion dollars, the pentagon "misplaced" 8 trillion and nothing is being done...Instead all we get is Obama launching this bs war on wall street to calm americans down although he knows that wall street donated the largest amount of money to his campaign....Not to mention that the 28 trillion thats unaccounted for can be used to help the people in this country in need, help pay off the debt to china , and so on an so forth
(ill add the links later)
This is just a few reasons....Im not saying the world would be better with McCain, because it wouldnt. But now in the news they are talking about mitt romney for president in 2014...hes gonna be just as bad. The healthcare bill he passed in MA is almost the exact same thing Obama passed recently.. We need to think past these republican and democrat titles, past black and white, but who would actually help our country.. Yes Obama is the first black president whoopdy doo!! now lets stop putting him on another level because hes the first black president.To a blind person hes just the president and as a president he is doing an awful job

*if you dont believe me do some research its all there