Sunday, July 18, 2010

the first rapper

we all think the first rapper came from new york spitting rhymes, but i disagree the first rapper ever was this man:

its crazy how they had a song like this back in the olde days lol

my review of inception

that movie is amazing...i liked it alot...its deep but if you have braincells youll get it...everyone in it was amazing and chris nolan did it again....GO SEE THIS!!! top three this summer:
2. toy story 3
2.kick ass

Thursday, July 15, 2010

random funny videos pt 2

A saying that old people love that I cant stand

When life gives you lemons make lemon aid...this is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Does life give you the water and sugar to make lemon aid? Nope just lemons...with lemons all you can make us lemon juice and that sucks...

Sumo wrestlers in trouble....WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG DEAL?!?!

So I was on yahoo and i came across this story talking about sumo wrestlers in trouble for weed and other stuff. but i dont see why sumo wrestlers using weed is such a big deal(I dont smoke) but once your high you get hungry and you eat...when its your job to stay fat and push another fat guy out a circle using weed is kinda acceptable to keep the weight up...Also the Japanese look up to sumo wrestlers..why?!? they are fat guys who push another fat guy out a circle...thats nothing spectacular. I think i have more respect for curlers than sumo wrestlers
the story can be found here this is your role model, you really need to look at your life)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

more shenanigans from my blackberry

a crazy guy i met in mattapan lol (im sorry about his face but it was why am i explaining anything to you?,,,just watch the video)

Topic of the day: my opinions on racism

Racism is like that relative you see at family get togethers and wonder to yourself , "why aren't they dead yet?" racism is something that is still alive and well and is something we need to get rid of if we are going to advance as Americans. The two type of people keeping this crap alive is the racist people and also the people who capitalize on racism. To all the racist people my message is simple..ITS 2010! ITS NOT THE EARLY 1920s or 1960s,times changed! We are all "equal now" and racism never held you back so go and get a job and stfu..And some of these racist groups are complete hypocrites. Think about it, the skinheads worship Hitler, someone who some of their elders fought and died against in world war two.They hate gays when if you look at history homosexuals played a huge part in the development in the Nazi part. They say blacks are animals when they also kill people in savage horrible ways. They believe only blacks use drugs when in all actuality they sell them and use them as well, and the list goes on and on
Another problem is people who capitalize of of race. I'm black and let it be known that rev Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson don't speak for me! They are not the king of all black people, as a matter of fact most black people don't like them anyway. And they always make it into a black white thing. They are always on the tv screen when something bad happens to someone black, but never on screen to highlight any positive things black people are doing. If you look at history the NAACP was founded by both blacks and whites for the ADVANCEMENT of colored people. Since that is the case why don't rev al and Jesse show some positive stuff that ADVANCE colored people instead of stuff that is constantly holding us back? I guess ill answer that because, negitivity sells and positivity makes people smile but it makes the person no money.
I'm not trying to make this long but I just want to talk about one final thing...the Nword. I for one stop saying the nword because it makes me look ignorant but that word is still alive. But my thing is if your aren't a nigger don't respond to it. The word nigger is defined as an ignorant person, and if your aint ignorant then why should you care. By calling you a nigger someone is trying to ignite and ignorant response from you therefore proving that you are ignorant. But by ignoring that word your are making the person saying that appear ignorant therefore making them a nigger. That word has a lot of bad history behind it, but we shouldn't bring it into our future. What's in the past should stay in the past. I'm gonna end with this example we all know what blueballs is right? Blueballs is when a male holds his cumzees in while holding an erection and doesn't get a chance to let it out.he gets a pain known as blueballs..keeping with that same idea if we as a country don't let racism out and let it go its gonna keep hurting us all and giving our country a bad case of blueballs.So let racism go, we are all Americans and that's all that matters.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My solution to stop violence in the hood

If you get all the young men of the community and show them this documentary about prison rape, I guarantee the last thing they will wanna do is go to prison. I know this would work

Random thoughts about Vampires

These are two things I wondered about vampires:


would vampires be the only ones happy when its the females time of the month? Because isn't that free blood that they don't have to work for.


in all these vampire movies you see them have sex but think about need blood to get an erection,vampires have no blood in their that being said shouldn't vampire sex be impossible?

causes and cures erectile dysfunction

random funny videos

Ask Dr. Lilly

This part of my blog is the ask Dr. Lilly part for all you ppl who have a problem and want some real advice...I am the best @ what I do and I do it for Free!!!! so ask away

Its been a long time comming but its finally up!!

So my blog is finally here...very soon you will be seeing all the random shenanigans and tomfoolery that you come to expect from me...
(my first update sucks i kno, but give me a break..itll get better)